The Public Health Improvement Research Network (PHIRN) is one of 17 Registered Research Groups (RRG) funded by the National Institute for Social Care and Health Research (NISCHR) in Wales. PHIRN is concerned with the development, strategic planning, delivery and evaluation of policies, services and interventions that directly or indirectly impact upon the health of the public in Wales at a community or population level.

PHIRN is a highly successful research network, receiving in excess of £30M research grant funding since 2006. We are in an excellent position to improve research bids and support research projects to produce robust evidence and knowledge, which leads to more funding.

PHIRN actively engages with a large and diverse network of academics, policy makers, practitioners and publics to facilitate a continuous process of:

  • Identification and exploration of research priorities;
  • Identification of teams with academic, policy and practitioner representation to take forward priority research projects;
  • Exchange of new evidence, policy developments, and practitioner innovation;
  • Exchange of innovative methodological approaches;
  • Identification of innovations in policy and practice at an early stage in planning, maximizing the opportunities for ‘natural experiments’;
  • Development of high quality research project protocols;
  • Execution of funded research protocols.

PHIRN has dedicated experts in mixed method trials of community public health improvement interventions and public involvement as well as a dedicated co-ordinator, available to support projects that are either affiliated with or adopted by PHIRN.

Supported by: Cardiff University, Welsh Government and National Institute of Social Care and Health Research.