Research Development Groups (RDGs) are a proven mechanism to take forward ideas into competitive research project proposals. If you have an idea for a project, whether based on existing evidence / theory, or on an innovative local project, please do get in touch! The RDG process typically involves:

  • Crystallising the idea into a specific research question
  • Identifying potentially competitive research questions and, similarly, those that are unlikely to be worth developing into a research proposal
  • Identifying someone who can lead the RDG
  • Identifying key research and non-academic collaborators to join the RDG
  • Identifying PHIRN resources, including research methods experts and our public involvement specialist, who can support the RDG

The earlier you contact us, the better. It may be that you already have a team, or you may just have an idea. Even if you have a seed of an idea and you’re not sure how to take it forward, we would be pleased to hear from you to discuss how best we can support you in taking it forward. The registration process involves an initial discussion of the research idea with one of the PHIRN team who will complete a PHIRN RDG Registration Form. The PHIRN Partnership Board will then consider whether the study can be adopted or affiliated and if so the level of support that PHIRN can offer. Existing funded studies can also be registered and benefit from registration as part of the NISCHR research portfolio. If successful, RDGs can be either affiliated or adopted by PHIRN. The table below shows the different levels of support available for affiliation and adoption:

Affiliation Adoption
Co-ordination of RDGs Co-ordination of RDGs
Administrative support for bid submission Administrative support for bid submission
Advice on methodology from dedicated experts Advice and input on methodology from dedicated experts
Support for inclusion of funded studies on NISCHR research portfolio Advice on public involvement from a dedicated expert
Use of PHIRN logo on outputs if required PHIRN staff as co-applicants and ongoing methodological support once project is up and running
Support for inclusion of funded studies on NISCHR research portfolio
Use of PHIRN logo on all outputs

Please contact PHIRN on 02920 879609 or if you would like to discuss an idea or existing proposal.